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Application of portable paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-16
Handbags are an ancient handicraft industry. In the printing process, usually for bookcase binding or paper box paste, most of them have a little knowledge of the production method, but the production process of the portable paper bag is probably not familiar. Hand-held paper bags are roughly divided into two categories: ordinary packaging bags and generous shopping bags. Ordinary packaging bags, so the rotary printing bag-making machine, has been producing operations completed. Its advantage is that the production is fast, but the disadvantage is that the paper bag is rough and not generous, so most of this type of paper bag is used for the usual commodity packaging. Generous shopping bags, so after single-sheet color printing, PP laminating or hot-stamping, and then manual, semi-automatic mechanical production by the bag factory, using manual stringing knots at the end to complete the paper bag. Its advantages are: paper bags of any situation can be made, but the disadvantage is that the production rate is slow. This kind of high-end shopping bags are mostly used for the packaging of lofty goods, or as gift bags, or as advertising bags for various commercial activities. In the end, these generous and soft paper bags have become convenient shopping bags at hand.
The following is a detailed introduction to the type of handbag printing. 1. Advertising handbags Advertising handbags are designed through visual requirements, focusing on the promotion and development of advertisements. Through graphic creativity, symbol recognition, text descriptions, and color stimulation, consumers’ attention is drawn and cordiality is generated. Sense and promote product sales. Advertising handbags occupies a large part of the handbags and constitute the main body of the handbags. This kind of handbag is often seen in various trade fairs and exhibitions. The handbag is printed with the name of the company, the logo of the company, the name of the main product, and some slogans, which invisibly promote the image of the company and the product. The role of this is equivalent to a mobile advertisement, and the flow range is very wide, which can not only meet the requirements of the installation, but also has a good advertising effect, so it is a popular form of advertising for manufacturers and economic and trade activities. The more unique the design of this kind of handbag, the more exquisitely made, the better the advertising effect. Advertising handbags can be divided into special handbags, promotional handbags, brand handbags, and VI design promotional handbags according to different target positioning. 1. Shopping tote bags Shopping bag advertisements can use the limited area of u200bu200bthe bag body to disseminate market information about enterprises or products and services to the world. When customers are walking through the streets with shopping bags printed with store advertisements, they are actually some exquisite handbags no less than making an excellent advertising sign, and the cost is relatively low. Shopping tote bags are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets and shopping malls have designed special handbags for the convenience of consumers to shop, to transport the purchased items home, and to connect the feelings with consumers. This kind of handbag is mostly made of plastic material. Compared with other handbags, its structure and material are more solid and can hold more items, and its cost is cheaper. The visual elements on shopping bags are mainly composed of specific publicity forms (standard status, mascots, special graphics, special images, etc.) of the shopping place, highlighting the image of supermarkets and shopping malls, and conveying the information of the shopping place. 2. Promotional handbags Promotional handbags are mainly used in promotional activities as a means to promote goods and enterprises. In order to promote its image and promote product sales, companies often hold a series of activities. Print company brochures, product manuals, and products (a little gift) with handbags, and give them to guests or consumers, so that consumers can better understand the company's situation and product performance. Promotional tote bag is completely a kind of activity advertising board that can hold items. The visual design on its surface is centered around the purpose of promoting the content of prominent enterprises and products, so that consumers can quickly and happily accept the information they confessed during the event. 3. In order to improve the quality of products and create higher value, brand handbag merchants carry out branding of products. Brand handbags are used in this kind of shaping activities. Brand handbags are often used in specialty stores, which not only facilitate customers to carry goods but also play a promotional role. The materials of this kind of handbags are relatively high-end and match the quality of the goods. 4. VI Design and Promotion Tote Bag VI is a strategy for corporate philosophy and spiritual visual design. VI often uses tote bags as a form of visual transmission, that is, combining modern design concepts and corporate management theories as a whole to shape The personality of the enterprise, highlighting the spirit of enterprise, make consumers have a deep impression and recognition, in order to achieve the design of the business goals of the enterprise.
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